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Adelaide Based Mixing, Mastering and Production

In primary school I was the kid who took a tennis racket to show-and-tell and mimed my way through a fervent performance synchronised to my Silverchair CD. By middle school I was making hip-hop videos on a handy cam for boast raps I had written to the Cleanin' Out My Closet beat. When I turned eighteen I received the greatest gift I could ever hold; my first guitar! 

Once I had some basic skills under my fingers I was hooked. I quit everything else to focus on playing music. That guitar gave me answers to all the questions I'd be asking myself. It taught me patience, courage and expression. It taught me how to learn a skill way more than any class I'd taken at school. It taught me who I was. 

I wanted to learn everything I could about music, so I enrolled in a Diploma of Music at TAFE where I applied myself in every aspect, often spending my lunch breaks in a practice room running major scales with the lights out to memorise the frets. 


I spent the years after my course taking any music opportunity available. I taught guitar at a school, performed in musical theatre, created a booking agency, ran a record label, wrote educational music for children, produced hip-hop beats, worked as a festival stage hand and toured in bands. But, what I found most rewarding was making records. Whether it was my own composition or an external source, I always left those sessions with a smile in heart.


This feeling pushed me to refine my craft. I enrolled in SAE where I lapped up as much information as I could to excel my skills. Since then I have been running my own recording studio and rehearsal space where I have worked with artists of all ages, genres and backgrounds. Every new client inspires something in me that informs the next. When I reflect on the progress of my skills, I can see my work improving dramatically with each project and my mind opening to wider possibilities. 


For the sake of simplicity

(and google search results)

here's a bullet point list of my offered services

  • Pre-Production

  • Stem Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Audiobooks 

  • Voice Overs

  • Dialogue For Film

  • Podcast Editing

  • Hip-Hop Beats

  • Rap Vocals

  • Songwriting

  • MIDI Instruments

  • Spoken Word

  • Instrument Overdubs

  • Multitrack Band Recording

  • Live Recording 

  • Good Vibes

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