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With access to a range of recording studios across Adelaide, tracking is booked at whichever location best serves the project. Does the song need a big drum sound? Let's record in a large, timber panelled space. Does the tune require a vintage flavour? Let's record in a studio with old school equipment. By utilizing these spaces we can ensure that the song will have a unique vibe that is dedicated to the track. 

Some projects are best served tracking each instrument one at a time. Usually we start with drums, followed by bass, guitars, keys and vocals and any extras. Special care is taken in setting up the tone of each instrument to ensure the highest quality results. 


Sometimes the only way to catch the right feeling for the song is to have the whole band recording simultaneously. Everyone gets a pair of headphones and their own monitoring mix as we bash out takes of the song, looking for that perfect moment. This is a great way to retain the human feel of a song, especially if it's a genre that relies heavily on groove. 

I have been complimented many times on my patience and honest critique during tracking. It's extremely important to me that the artist feels comfortable enough to perform at their best and my feedback be honest and constructive. You won't catch me drifting off or looking at my phone in this process. I am listening carefully to each note ensuring we are capturing the peak of the artists' potential. Any slackness in this phase is always evident when listening back. 

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