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Mixing is a craft that takes many years of acute listening and practice to perform at a professional level. You can follow all the guidelines and every how-to-mix YouTube video and still come up short. This is because mixing is an attitude. The mission is orchestrating the instrumental parts to evoke a feeling in the listener. Context, genre and intent all come into play. As a music fan, I spend countless hours each week listening to all kinds of music. It's with this ear that I shape my mixes. I'm not going to list every plugin that I have or what software I use, because it doesn't matter. It's not about what DAW you're on or what summing mixer you've got. It's the way you use those tools. You can be assured that I'm working with professional level components and if I don't have the right tool for the job, it will be acquired. 


I pride myself on being a super fast editor and manipulator of audio. Need your drums quantized to the beats? Want your vocals tuned to perfection? Feel like that guitar part from the bridge should be copied to the intro? No problem. Nothing is out of reach if it's purpose is to serve the song and reward the listener. 

I mix alone in a space that I know the frequency response of intimately. This means there is no hit and miss. I achieve commercial, professional level results consistently. Once I've sent the artist a draft, I like to hear their critiques and take their tastes very seriously. I will not let the track progress to the next step until everyone is 100% happy with the product. 

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